Thinking of Selling this year? Steps to get you the best $ for your home….

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When you have decided it is time to sell your family home, it is sometimes difficult to think outside those family times & those memories made. I will help you to transition your home to “sell” ready.

First – Remember you are not selling your memories. You are only selling the walls that provided the memories. The memories will always be in your heart, never sold.
Second – We now have to put on our marketing hats. Ask ourselves, how can I show the best qualities of my home to the possible buyers who come through. To answer this question – here are a few guidelines:
Let’s start at the entrance.

-Is the entrance inviting?
-Are there any bushes to trim, flowers beds to weed, windows to wash? 
-How’s the front door? -Could it use a fresh coat of paint? or maybe shiny new door handle?
– Once the potential buyer enters. What does he see?
Let’s streamline the focus to see what your home could offer instead to them without telling them about your history.
-Organize & de-clutter. Put any knick/knacks into a box ready to take with you.
Same with your personal family photos, family photos distract the buyer, plus do you really want them to know all about you? Trust me, I take buyers through homes and we look at those pictures.
-The kitchen & bathrooms are your best selling features. De-clutter those as much as possible. Put away in boxes for moving any items that take up space that you don’t use often. You are going to move them anyway, so move them now. Make your storage and counters as free of items as possible.
-Bedrooms & closets. Whatever you have not used within the last six months, pack it up. You are going to anyway. This will allow your storage to show off it’s spaciousness.
-How are your carpets? Are they clean? We love our family pets, and we become accustomed to their being with us hence, their smell becomes a part of our daily being, we don’t smell what potential buyers might smell. If there are pets, it’s always a good idea to have the carpets cleaned. Fresh smells are a big plus.
With that, if there are carpets that are obviously very worn. Think about the replacing them with a neutral color. Nothing sells homes faster, than the fresh carpet smell.
-Walls? Sometimes it is best to have it painted a neutral color. It just helps when a buyer doesn’t have to see beyond the pink.
-Windows. Be sure they are clean. This will help tremendously.
Open your blinds- curtains (make sure they work). Light into a home is best.
-Lighting. Yes, sometimes we overlook the lighting. Make sure all bulbs are replaced and bright!
-What have you done in recent years to upgrade/maintain your home? Having this information available for me to include in your marketing packet I produce will answer questions right away and show the potential buyer you are informed and ready to sell. Giving them as much information as you possibly can.

Third & Final – With all of this, please know I will help you every step of the way. Ask any questions, ask for help. I’m here to help you get the best value for your family home.

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