Home Staging Accents act as a “Call to Action” for Buyers.
Imagine the room pictured below bare, without the warmth of the rug, the pillows, the added movable wicker storage boxes, upper shelf accents, and even the perfectly placed jacket, shoes and skates.  The colors, along with each of these items, have been strategically placed to suggest a very welcoming appeal and explanation for use of this space.

entry room accents

Home staging accents make a difference…

Keep us in Mind when you are someone you know is looking to sell their home. And for a vacant home…Chestnut Real Estate will provide home accents, free of charge, for the marketing period.

When you list with a Chestnut Real Estate agent, you can expect to receive a conscientious review and recommendation for getting your home the attention it needs, right out of the gate, TO GET IT SOLD!

PRESENTATION MEANS EVERYTHING, and our clients have come to appreciate the unique added steps we take in order to assure your investment gets the best presentation possible. Free Home Staging Accents are just one of Chestnut Real Estate’s unique offerings that are making a difference in our markets.

Sometimes this means just adding subtle accents that will bring your home’s photos to life, and in turn…move buyers off of their warm couches and into your home.Carolyn Kujawa staging accents


Expression brings emotions, and we all know emotions move buyers.  Let’s move them towards YOUR home before any others!

emotions sell homes


Just as words tell a story, so should your home’s presentation.

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