LIVE OFF THE GRID in this Tiny Cabin “The Huron” by Steve Gronow and Chestnut Home Builders. Winter 2017 Special Offer. $59,900 Totally furnished.

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Long lasting quality starts with a solid foundation.

  • Tiny Cabins are built with a full length 6×6 or 4×6 ground contact treated timber. There is never any splicing like in competing structures who use 4×4’s to keep cost down and always remember with low cost brings low quality. The 5 1/2” thick timber eliminates all weak points in the foundation of a Tiny Cabin. 2nd step is treated 2×4 floor joist 16” oc with a 4×4 every 4 ft. to help strengthen the Cabin during transport. 3rd step is ½” treated plywood is laid down followed by ½” foam board, lastly is 7/16” OSB. All seams in the subfloor are alternated for an air tight fit.
  • The walls and ceiling are built to residential code, rafters are built to meet snow loads for the customer’s desired location. Wall studs are 16” oc, rafters are 2’ oc. Each Tiny Cabin is custom built by the same licensed contractor, not in a manufacturing plant designed for high production, low end, cabin style sheds
  • All interior and exterior log products are milled in house by the WoodHaven Log & Lumber which is by far the finest product in its industry. Tiny Cabin’s a division of WoodHaven Log & Lumber, this lets us have our hands on every step of the process allowing us the best quality Tiny Cabins out there.
  • Tiny Cabins has 5 turnkey floor plans available or you can set down with any of our tiny cabin consultants and layout a custom floor plan that suites you best.
  • Each Tiny Cabin is wired by the same licensed electrician, we have all pre and final inspections done by a Michigan state electrical inspector
  • Always remember the quote holds true “you get what you pay for” quality is value
  • The Huron tiny cabin kitchen
  • Tiny Cabin The Huron Bedroom
  • Tiny cabin the Huron bedroom photo 2
  • Tiny Cabin the Huron bathroom